What periarticular infiltrations are?

A category of infiltrations is the one of periarticular infiltrations or around the joints. The role of this type of infiltration is to relieve pain and reduce soft tissue inflammation. It is a technique whereby an anti-inflammatory substance is introduced into the soft tissues. Most often this substance is called cortisone and can be done with or without local anesthesia.

The aim is to treat various periarticular disorders, the most common being shoulder or elbow tendonitis, shoulder or hip bursitis, tenosynovitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, fasciitis or other pain points.

There are a number of advantages of periarticular infiltrations, including the following:

  • Complete pain removal or pain relief due to reduced inflammation
  • Improvement of joint mobility
  • Effectiveness in rehabilitation and physiotherapy treatments

Beyond the advantages of these medical infiltrations, it must be said that there are certain side effects that patients may experience. Among the adverse reactions that patients may experience are the following:

  • Pain or discomfort at the injection spot
  • Joint inflammation due to the injected substance
  • Adipose tissue atrophy and skin hypopigmentation
  • Fainting
  • Headaches and deep sweating
  • Joint infection
  • Temporary increase in blood pressure and blood sugar within 48-72 hours after the procedure
  • Joint calcifications
  • Very rare, allergic reactions

Due to this, it is very important that infiltrations are performed only after an assessment of the health condition and medical investigations necessary in order for a medical specialist to recommend this procedure. When infiltrations are recommended by a specialist, chances of such side effects decrease significantly.

The periarticular infiltration procedure is simple and minimally invasive. It is proven by numerous scientific studies and clinical trials as a procedure that helps to reduce pain and supports increased functionality and improved quality of life for the patient. It is a procedure that can be used effectively to treat various conditions or tendon problems in the hip, elbows, knees or shoulders.

The effectiveness of the results differs from patient to patient. As the patient is younger and the cartilage lesions are smaller, these periarticular infiltrations are more effective and can bring the results expected by the patient.

Koly Medical Clinic has specialized doctors and therapists with extensive training and experience in performing periarticular infiltration procedures. Following a specialist consultation and imaging investigations, it can be determined exactly which the most suitable approach is for each patient and which types of infiltrations are recommended depending on the problem the patient is facing.