Briefly about individual physiotherapy

Individualized physiotherapy procedures are those sessions in which a physiotherapist focuses exclusively on the goals and outcomes of a single patient. These individual physiotherapy services offered at Koly Clinic are designed to be customized to the individual needs and goals of each patient, knowing in detail the weaknesses and strengths of each patient.

Based on these aspects, our physiotherapists will focus on establishing a comprehensive and complex therapy plan, individualized for the patient. This program will be established according to the patient’s physical qualities, existing physical limitations, the patient’s medical conditions or any other aspects that may support the healing, recovery and strengthening processes.

The most important advantage of individual physiotherapy refers to the fact that we are talking about a customized approach designed to support a deep knowledge and detailed understanding of each patient’s body. This approach is the best way to get the maximum results in the shortest time because the physiotherapist is focused on specific goals.

Individual physiotherapy and its basic principles

The difference between group therapy and individual physiotherapy is that this approach focuses on a 1-on-1 collaboration between the specialist and the patient. Both the knowledge and the specific objectives and results are exclusively focused on the patient.

The emphasis in individual physiotherapy is to improve the physical function and mobility of the patient, but also to reduce pain or discomfort. Moreover, physiotherapy sessions are also aimed to prevent injuries or possible future disabilities.

It is very important to emphasize that each step in the therapy sessions is developed to such an extent that the patient’s strength, flexibility and physical endurance increase step by step. In this way, the patient’s physical deficiencies or limitations are addressed simultaneously, precisely so that existing weaknesses are significantly improved.

Because the sessions are 1 to 1 between the therapist and the patient, the healing process or the achievement of any physical or psychological goal is significantly enhanced. Moreover, the patient will be able to benefit from individualized attention and education in following or adjusting the treatment plan. All these aspects significantly increase the chances of achieving the desired results in individual physiotherapy sessions.

Individual physiotherapy session and the duration of physiotherapy treatment

During each session, the physiotherapist works directly with the patient to achieve his/her goals. Whether the goal is sports performance, improving quality of life or medical recovery, the physiotherapist focuses on setting up a plan of sessions to achieve those goals.

The first step is the assessment of the patient’s current level and then the specialist will define the next steps. The next step is to elaborate a personalized physiotherapy plan, which can be adjusted along the way. The next step is to monitor how the patient will react to the treatment.