What is SIS or Super Inductive System?

SIS, meaning Super Inductive System, is based on the use of a high intensity electromagnetic field, which has a number of beneficial effects when acting on human tissue.

The positive effects of the magnetic field on human tissue relate to therapeutic benefits such as pain relief, fracture healing, myorelaxation, joint mobilization and myostimulation.

SIS therapies can use high frequencies and intensities of up to 150 Hz, i.e. 2.5 Tesla and include different treatment procedures that are customized for musculoskeletal pathologies and preset to different parameters. In addition, the parameters must be optimal according to the joint for which the therapy is applied.

The main objectives of SIS procedures involve pain relief, accelerated healing, reduction of local inflammation, relief of spasticity, muscle relaxation, nerve regeneration, reduction of joint stiffness and joint mobilization. It is a procedure that consists of applying an element of the paddle-type device at a distance of 2 to 5 cm from the affected area.

It is important to note that no gels or creams are used for this procedure. During the SIS therapy the patient will feel certain rhythmic or arrhythmic pulses, depending on the program prescribed by the therapist. The degree of intensity of these impulses is determined by the therapist in consultation with the patient, based on the degree of tolerance the patient shows.

It should be stressed that higher intensities in SIS therapy do not guarantee more effective treatment. This is precisely why the patient should not propose to endure higher intensities in order to obtain the desired results.

SIS therapy is recommended for fractures, lumbar disc disease, herniated discs, impingement syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis and neuralgia. At the same time SIS can help with joint mobilization by performing various repetitive contractions in the muscles around the joint capsule.

There are certain situations in which SIS therapy is contraindicated. These situations are when patients have been diagnosed with tumors, metastases, skin lesions or in the case of pregnant women. Also, patients with implanted defibrillators cannot benefit from SIS therapy.

The Super Inductive System is currently one of the most effective and advanced technologies used in medical recovery. Patients who come to the Koly Medical Clinic can benefit from this innovative technology for therapeutic effects in the case of carpal tunnel syndrome, spasticity reduction, nerve regeneration, impingement syndrome, breathing improvement, herniated discs, muscle atrophy prevention, thoracic spine mobilization or patellar tendinopathies.

Establishing the SIS therapy in the case of patients who come to the Koly Medical Clinic is done following the assessment of the patient’s health status and based on the determination of other procedures that can be followed by the patient. This protocol is well established by the medical rehabilitation specialist. We always try to find the most effective procedures for the patient to achieve the desired goals in the shortest time and with maximum results. We have specialized therapists and doctors with extensive training in the implementation of SIS therapy.