What TECAR therapy is?

Using specific procedures in TECAR (Capacitive and Resistive Energy Transfer) therapy, the energy inside the tissues is stimulated through heat. The purpose of this therapy is to activate the body’s natural healing and recovery processes. TECAR therapy is very effective in healing shoulder pain, elbow pain, hand pain, hip pain, knee pain and leg pain more quickly.

TECAR therapy can also be used to heal or relieve a joint swelling, muscle and tendon pain or prevent injuries after the recovery period. This procedure has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects and it is among the most effective and modern treatments because it is a completely non-invasive procedure.

Koly Medical Clinic offers a team with extensive experience in the application of TECAR therapy and other therapies in the field of physiotherapy.

How TECAR therapy is performed

TECAR is a procedure that is performed using a device with high-frequency currents that are invisible to the patient. These high-frequency currents penetrate the tissue and are then converted into heat. The device used in TECAR therapy works using two electrodes and a conductive cream.

One of the electrodes is negative, and it is placed on the opposite side of the anatomical area that is targeted by the procedure. In this way a connection is formed by means of an active electrode, this electrode being moved by the therapist through movements in the treated area. The patient feels a pleasant sensation during the therapy, which is warm and similar to a massage. TECAR therapy is very effective; the pain is considerably reduced after the first session.

This therapy uses different frequencies of current, and the therapist acts both on the superficial structures and on the deeper ones. During the procedure, the body uses its own energy to activate the regeneration mechanisms in the tissues and muscles to heal the targeted areas. This energy generates an improvement in blood flow and accelerates the metabolism of damaged cells.

When TECAR therapy is recommended?

There are various medical conditions that can be treated using TECAR therapy. These medical conditions include dislocations, fractures, muscle tears, pre- and post-surgical treatment for ligamentoplasty, prosthesis and osteosynthesis, and post-operative treatment for arthroscopies.

TECAR specific procedures can also be used effectively for bone or ligament trauma or for inflammatory processes in the areas where the muscle-tendon junction is made. Also, chronic post-traumatic conditions, reduction of sport injuries or elimination of pain are among the situations where TECAR therapy is recommended.

What the contraindications of TECAR therapy are

Even though there is a diverse range of diseases that can be relieved or treated using TECAR therapy, there are situations where this procedure is not indicated. Patients who are not recommended TECAR therapy include people less than 14 years of age, pregnant women, patients with blood clotting problems, patients with heat sensitivity, patients with peripheral sensitivity disorders or patients diagnosed with epilepsy, cancer or infectious processes.