Medical conditions orthopedics deals with

Orthopedics is called the medical specialty of orthopedics and traumatology and is the medical and surgical field that deals with traumatic or other injuries of the musculoskeletal system. Our medical rehabilitation clinic offers comprehensive services in the field of orthopedics. We provide for our patients in need of orthopedic services an integrated approach for the identification of traumatic or chronic musculoskeletal conditions. Also, we provide appropriate treatment followed by recovery for the medical conditions.

Traumatic or chronic musculoskeletal conditions involve damage to bones, joints, tendons, ligaments or muscles. By taking an integrated approach, the orthopedist will be able to get a complete and accurate picture of the problems the patient is facing. The doctor will therefore have all the information needed to establish an appropriate treatment plan that meets the needs of each individual patient.

What do orthopedic services involve?

The first step in orthopedic services is the initial consultation. This may end with the recommendation of further investigations or the establishment of a diagnosis. If the patient goes through the recovery phase, surgery or various procedures, the follow-up consultation follows.

Within the orthopedic services, the doctor may request, depending on the patient’s situation, investigations such as osteoarticular MRI, musculoskeletal ultrasound. In other cases, joint infiltrations are considered to be a vascular-elastic and modern solution to regain joint mobility. There are several types of infiltrations that a doctor may recommend.

These include corticosteroid or anti-inflammatory infiltrations, infiltrations with viscoelastic solutions, infiltrations with PRP (platelet hyper concentrate) or Sanakin infiltrations. All of these should be performed only at the recommendation of the orthopedic doctor and under the supervision of the specialist.

Finally, orthopedic services include specific therapies to restore bone and cartilage tissue. These include electrotherapy, lymphatic drainage, TECAR therapy, electro stimulation, physiotherapy; MLS laser therapy, cryotherapy, ultrasound physiotherapy, vacuum physiotherapy, functional magnetic electro stimulation, reflex therapy, and stretching and shockwave therapy.

Benefits of integrated orthopedic services

If a patient can follow an integrated approach to orthopedics and trauma services, each patient can benefit from a number of advantages. First of all, the patient will benefit from an objective choice of treatment and the decision whether to intervene surgically to solve problems or pursue a non-invasive treatment. The orthopedic surgeon will be able to assess the ratio between the benefits of an approach and the effort put in by the patient to achieve the results of the treatment and will make the decision accordingly.

A second advantage is that the doctor who made the diagnosis will be able to directly supervise the progress of recovery. Whether the recovery is post-traumatic, post-surgery or a recovery for a chronic condition, the orthopedic surgeon will be able to make optimal decisions in real time and set the treatment plan to achieve the desired results.

A faster and more efficient recovery is another advantage of the integrated approach in orthopedic services provided to patients by Koly Medical’s medical specialists.

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