Primary Doctor in Balneology and Medical Recovery

Colonel Dr. Pavelescu Nicolae

Primary Physician of “PHYSIOTHERAPY and MEDICAL RECOVERY”, with over 20 years of activity in the Central Military Hospital in Bucharest, as DEPARTMENT HEAD.
Medical Specialist “RADIOLOGY”
“We created this specialty in the army by establishing the section with this profile with 50 beds.

In the Bucharest Central Military Hospital, there are several departments, with different specialties such as: ORTHOPEDICS-TRAUMATOLOGY, NEUROLOGY, NEURO-SURGERY, RHEUMATOLOGY, INTERNAL DISEASES, ETC.

All these specialties collaborated with the department of PHYSIOTHERAPY and MEDICAL RECOVERY, so that I gained a very rich practical experience, treating a wide spectrum of diseases, originating from those departments.

I participated in all the scientific events in the country and abroad, on medical recovery topics.

I purchased in the Military Hospital and worked with the most modern PHYSIOTHERAPY and PHYSIOTHERAPY equipment”.

The main ailments that benefit from Physiotherapy-Massage and Kinesotherapy procedures, along with vast experience, are:
-Vertebral discopathy (cervical, lumbar)

– Arthritic diseases (spondylosis, cervical dysarthrosis, lumbar dysarthrosis – coxarthrosis – gonarthrosis).

– Sequelae after dislocations, fractures.

– Forms of periarticular rheumatism (tendinitis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, coxo-femoral periarthritis).

– Lumbar- sciatica.

-Arnold neuralgia.

– Paralysis, it seems.

After consultations with our specialized doctors, treatment solutions can be found for other conditions as well.

In 2021, on the occasion of the 190th anniversary of the establishment of the Military Hospital, he was honored with the JUBILEE- TRIBUTE medal, for special merits in the development of Romanian military medicine.